Communication Skills

It's time to raise your standard High

The English language is the predominant language of academics all over the world, with a large amount of research being conducted, written and presented in English. Importance of the English communication cannot be underestimated in the current fast paced learning environment.

My Learning Outcomes

  • Be it general conversations, public speaking or presentations, we will strengthen your communication skills and uplift your confidence.

  • Be able to express your thoughts better in various real world situations

  • Gain proficiency in vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking

  • Willing to talk to new people

  • Most importantly, experience the "Feel good about myself" factor

  • Prepare with Establishment

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    At Establishment, we go an extra mile to understand your needs and respect the reasons for undergoing such communication skills training.

    The reasons are prolific as to why people should come to Establishment to study English. Few of them are-

    • A well-qualified and learned faculty
    • We don't believe in making students cram oodles of study material and eventually brainwash them
    • We believe in creating an environment for the students which not only familiarizes the student with the language in a prolific manner but also makes him comfortable with the language.
    • We believe in going beyond the call of our duty.
    • The whole team at Establishment relies on the usage of technology and the best teaching methods that are unique and convenient at the same time.

    We help you reach your potential by providing the right environment, extensive practice and triggering your senses. Our prime area of focus is 'actual communications skills', and not rote grammar.

    We do not operate on "one size fits all" method. Our knowledge packed and well-researched communication programs lay individual focus on your ability to structure a conversation, building vocabulary and presenting yourself better.