At Establishment we take pride on helping you learn and develop. Our Learning & Development Solutions (L&D) division takes care of all your requirements to bring up students at a satisfactory level, when it comes to self-development.

We do not operate on "one size fits all" method. In fact, our intense and well-researched development programs are custom designed according to the demographics and student expectations.

Programs you might be interested in

  • Communication Skills
  • Self – Development Programs
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Express Workshops
  • Why Choose Us

    It is true, that a lot of times, students are even not sure what to expect of a program.

    That is why, we take an extra step to know them better and jot down our observations before the actual program begins. Our programs structure is very clear and is based on transparent communication, strong strategy and quantifiable outcomes.

    We take pride in rendering our services to a fair number of premier schools and institutions of high repute. A great sense of satisfaction is achieved when we see students implementing the knowledge in their lives and getting positive results.

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